iToner 3

iToner allows users to take an audio clip and edit it to make ringtones for their iOS devices. Users drag and drop audio files into iToner’s window to add them to the iToner library and then can edit each file individually.

The goals for this third iteration of this longstanding utility were to; break from the iPhone styled UI, simplify operation, and create a look that was to match Soundboard for iPad and future products.

Points of interest, the main UI is meant to look very simple, the controls for the clips only show up when a user places the cursor over the clip of interest. Then the user can either preview the audio or edit the clip. Note the scissors icon, this actually animates when the user clicks to activate edit mode for that particular audio clip.

In edit mode, I originally design the controls to be orange, so they would contrast well with the dark interface and become obvious action controllers for editing. Orange didn’t make the cut, but I did sneak them into the application an Easter egg. You can activate orange with the following terminal command. Just be sure the entire command is on one line.

defaults write com.ambrosiasw.iToner DreamsicleModeEnabled -bool YES


Ambrosia Soft­ware

UI and UX work for a ring­tone util­ity called iToner.

Product Website

Skills Involved

  • Sketching
  • Mock-ups
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

iToner 3 for Mac demonstration.