Nucleus is a modern take on classic arcade action. Fly the ship around and blow up space debris. The goal of Nucleus is to gather electrons and build atoms. Each level gets progressively cooler and more challenging.

Electrons and other Powerups are found by blowing up the space debris. Whenever you blow up an Asteroid, Crystal, Blob, etc. there is a chance that it will leave something behind for you. If it leaves an electron behind, all you have to do to pick it up is fly over it. It will automatically start trailing behind you, and you can continue to gather electrons which will add to the trail.

You need to take these electrons to the nucleus in order to form the atom. The nucleus can be located by following the nucleus homing beacon.

To give an electron to the nucleus simply fly the ship over the nucleus.

The atom will be complete when the nucleus has been given all of the required electrons. The number of electrons needed is indicated by the atomic weight of the element we are trying to build. On the first level, we are trying to build Hydrogen which only requires 1 electron, but later when you get to the Nitrogen level you will need 7 electrons.


Pangea Software

In game elements and icon.

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Skills Involved

  • Cinema 4D
  • Photoshop

Nucleus for iPad demonstration.