Music Credit
Artist: H.U.V.A. Network
Track: Something Heavens
Album: Ephemeris
Album Genre: psybient
Label: Ultimae
Released: 2009

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The Violent Option

After extruding the Digital Manipulation logo, a few of the logo letters were then broken up into pieces using the Thrausi plugin in Cinema 4D. The prepared letters were assigned collision dynamics and given a slow motion look by altering the velocity settings. Glossy shaders were assigned to the exterior of the logo as well as contrasting color for the interior pieces which would be revealed during and after impact. The gloss and contrasting colors were leveraged to emphasize the impacts by creating a dynamic visual appearance for the cracking, spinning, and moving shards and pieces of the letters. The environment was then lit with a classic overhead box style lighting with subtle color fill lighting from either side.  Depth of field was added to the first camera and then succeeding cameras cloned from the master. The cloned cameras were used to capture multiple camera angles to create an alarming sense of movement and explosiveness by cutting from one camera to the next. The scene was then rendered with a transparent background in order to improve the pace of workflow by leveraging After Effects to handle the finer details in post.

Once the camera renders were imported into After Effects, subtle backgrounds were added behind the animation, as well as lens flares in the background. Lens flares were also layered into the foreground along with color correction and flashes that fired during the impact of each bullet to emphasize the action. Each of the camera layers where split and compared for best camera angles. Once extra footage was cut, time remapping was used to speed up the reversed frames near the end of the sequence.

The composited AE render was then brought into Premiere Pro for the single purpose of adding audio, where I cut up one on my favorite audio tracks of the moment. The audio tracks were divided into 3 segments which were; the intro as quiet, then at the first bullet impact the thunderous portion of audio kicks in, and then finishes to a graceful drop off at the end. To complete the audio track, the volume was faded in at start of the sequence, and faded out at the very end.

Cinema 4D
After Effects
Premiere Pro