Daggz, Progenitor

Another piece was commissioned by Ryan Daggs for his musical release of Progenitor. This time Ryan wanted an image that personified a perception of a god-like creator based on the Anunnaki. For this piece, I researched images from museums and other illustrations depicting these ancient Sumerian gods. The theorists claim the Anunnaki came from another planet and created life as we know it on earth. Hence the infinite DNA loop behind the being. Thus it made sense to add wings as further reading lead me to think of the Anunnaki as capable of not only creating others but modifying themselves. I took this further with the suit, or skin if you will, and developed it into a technology. The entire body being involved in the process of creating or manufacturing whatever the Anunnaki visualized. Certainly one of the more interesting projects I was overjoyed to be a part of.


“People, you are at a point where, you’re going to start seeing through, things you believed were true. Not only do you have ancient earth DNA part of your lineage, but you have been tweaked by Anunnaki”.

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